What are your biggest obstacles in business?

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Sometimes it is easier to chat about what we are “good at” or what we think we are good at, versus challenging ourselves and really focusing on the weaknesses that we have.

Personally, I try to make myself aware of my biggest “flaws” on a regular basis. Appreciating what these are lead to improvement and as cliche as it sounds, allows you to turn what is now a weakness into a future strength.

My biggest 3 obstacles (and flaws) right now that I am working on are:

Avoiding doing redundant tasks. I find myself needlessly doing the same thing over and over at times. This can be resolved through moderation, or through solving the probably at the core. I need to ask myself, why am I doing these tasks over and over again and is there something that I can do to make it more efficient.

I cope with inefficiency. Instead of fixing problems, sometimes I will just cope. This was evident when my keyboard wasn’t working properly (which turned out to be an apple flaw) instead of getting it to work, I found work arounds to make it work. I lost probably 10 words per minute on my typing which has been restored.

Coping with something so simple can lead to 100’s of lost hours of work through the course of a year. Just something to consider. Minutes of “something” per day add up.

I don’t take enough breaks. I am more efficient and come up with much more creative ideas and solutions when I give my brain a rest. It isn’t abnormal for me to work from 7am – 1am weeks on end. It is only when I take a break that I realize that it rejuvenates the idea engine, creative thinking, and efficient workflow. So although hard work and consistency is good, giving yourself a break through the week can also be a powerful thing. I am going to be working on that.

What do you feel are your top 3 obstacles or weaknesses in business? What are you going to do to resolve and improve upon these?  Join our community for free.


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