New patent pending online income system

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“Zippo Pay”

Remember that name, because it has the
potential to make you a LOT of money
from here forward.

Zippo Pay is a complete online business
system centered around an ingenious new
patent pending software app…

Software that enables you to “sell”
online products in exchange for X
number of email subscribers (any
number you choose).

The software ends up building your
list AND your income because
your visitors can choose to either
pay with cash, OR checkout through
Zippo Pay…

(You’ll get a percentage of both.)

And the people that checkout with
Zippo Pay actually drive MORE leads
and traffic to your site…

Meaning MORE leads and income potential.

And the cycle can keep repeating for
weeks or even months.


If you don’t have your own product or
webfunnel, not to worry!

They start you off with a brilliant
DFY (100% done for you) product and web
funnel called “Dumb Little Cash Makers.

On top of that, there’s a built in
marketplace enabling you to get limitless
FREE traffic to your Zippo Pay offers.

This is gonna be epic!



Can you start work tomorrow?


Patent pending software crushes $330 + 148 leads in 1 day…