How to Grow Pinterest Traffic Rapidly

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Utilizing Tailwind to Grow Pinterest Traffic Rapidly

Pinterest could seem so intimidating in the beginning since not everyone knew about it when comparing it with other social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. However, Pinterest is widely known as a very powerful social media platform that could faster your business and let you make more money and outreach, but how many business owners know that Pinterest is a business based social media platform?


Many people believe that Pinterest is the perfect place to know wedding ideas, check a new recipe, see the latest tourism attractions, or even know some 5-minute crafts. In fact, Pinterest is a large search engine that millions of people use regularly to look for a lot of stuff. Knowing that Pinterest is a successful search engine rather than being a social media platform makes a lot people, like me, start thinking about ways to benefit from Pinterest being a search engine with a lot of visitors.


This is the time that you need to look up Pinterest and know how to works since it is one of the tools used tremendously today to foster online businesses. Once you read this article, you will run immediately to create a new Pinterest account, but don’t forget to thank me!


First when I wanted to prosper my Pinterest advertising camp, I used to pin pins for a few weeks and I found an increase in traffic, but later I noticed that there is an easier way to get traffic without making 10s of pins daily.


The beginning of my research regarding Pinterest SEO and what kept on appearing to me was Tailwind, which is a perfect scheduling tool designed for Pinterest to fit the user’s interests. Using Pinterest will definitely boost your traffic tremendously, but to make the best out of this experience and make your online business become one of the top, you need to make it right by utilizing Tailwind. I will be showing you in this article how to use Tailwind exactly and how to get the best out of it to make your business grow bigger by traffic. Get rid of tedious manual pinning and be a winner by utilizing Tailwind.


Boosting traffic requires intelligence and know how to actually pullover more customers or users. To be smart, you need to look for ways to automate your system rather than grasping traffic manually. You need the time you spend to get the traffic manually in editing your site to even get more traffic.


Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Tailwind and will earn a referral fee if you sign up via my link. You can schedule and publish 100 Pins FREE! If you purchase a plan, you won’t pay a cent more by using my link. Thanks for supporting my FREE content!


My first encounter with Tailwind was without Pinterest strategy where I was just working on other social media platforms and search engines. The pinning manually thing was very tedious and I just had a board for my blog, which is nothing.


After making a wise strategy and utilizing Tailwind, I got a traffic of more than 500k people monthly, which is awesome as a start. And after more time, I even had a higher reach from Pinterest after few weeks.


In this article, you will see how to utilize Tailwind with Pinterest along with a wise strategy for pinning to make your blog one of the top.

I got a traffic of more than 500k people monthly | Tailwind | Social Media Marketing | Make Money | Business | SEO | Optimization | Blogging


Tailwind Pre-utilization

Here is a list of basics that you need to have previously in your Pinterest account so that you can utilize Tailwind perfectly after then.

1. If you have a personal account, then you need to convert it to a new business account or create one from the first place. This step is crucial to have Pinterest analytics to have rich pins.

2. Enable rich pins – Utilize the Yoast SEO plugin so that you become able to add codes to your site, where enabling the rich pins is one of them.

3. Make your profile name an indicator to what you actually do, not just a regular name or the just the name of your organization. Try to show your activity in your name to attract more people.

4. Unify your social media platforms personal photo, even on Pinterest.

5. Make your bio rich of what you do and make it back you up.

6. Find all the boards related to your niche and group all of them. Remember to put your blog board first above them all.

You have set your Pinterest profile and now you are ready to join Tailwind and utilize it by just clicking on the link and make an account first. It is free first, but you can get the paid Plus version first, which what I actually recommend.

I first started with a free version to know how things are going and then I upgraded to the Plus version after few days. This doesn’t mean that the free service doesn’t show you prominent results, I just wanted to see more features present in the plus version. Don’t be afraid to invest, you will find that the outcome is awesome.


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